Celebrate Christmas With A “Letter From Santa”

*Have Santa Send A Letter To Someone Special*

Santa wants to help your local Optimist Club with their efforts to improve your community and communities all over the world. Fill out the form below and you will be taken to a PayPal page for a small $5.00 donation.

All orders must be received by December 2nd, in order to give Santa time to personalize and mail the letters. We will begin mailing the letters from Santa right after Thanksgiving.

(Orders received after Dec. 2nd will receive a personalized form letter)

(Everyone Receives A Small Surprise With Their Letter)

Tell us if there is anything you would like Santa to say to them about something they need to work on. (Example: cleaning their room, brushing their teeth, etc...)
*Because of limited space, please be brief, limit of 2 items. Thank you.*

Is there one (1) particular present that this child will be receiving from Santa that you would like Santa to mention in their letter? (One Item Only)

We would love to see your child's letter that they have written to Santa!!
Feel free to send it along with this form. Santa LOVES to read those letters!!!!