Tee Times

Below are the scheduled tee times for the June 1st 2022 Optimist Club Golf Tournament.

Player NameAge GroupTee Time
Asa HudsonBoys 16-181:00pm
RJ NealBoys 16-181:00pm
Drew GroscostBoys 16-181:00pm
Parker SumrowBoys 16-181:09pm
Colton Carson Boys 16-181:09pm
Zach OlsenBoys 16-181:09pm
Sutton ThomasBoys 16-181:18pm
Cal WierBoys 16-181:18pm
Jack MyersBoys 16-181:18pm
Mac LaddBoys 16-181:27pm
Jack ClarkeBoys 16-181:27pm
Luke WendtBoys 16-181:27pm
Hil Thompson Boys 16-181:36pm
Jack EnglishBoys 16-181:36pm
Jackson KelsoBoys 16-181:36pm
Jayden SlyerBoys 16-181:45pm
Peter WeirichBoys 16-181:45pm
Philip JosephBoys 16-181:45pm
Landin James GarciaBoys 16-181:54pm
Cameron LongBoys 16-181:54pm
Edward CraneBoys 16-181:54pm
Cole KirklandBoys 16-181:54pm
Nathan London Boys 16-182:03pm
Nikolas DanielBoys 16-182:03pm
Colin SmithBoys 16-182:03pm
Brown NickeyBoys 16-182:03pm
Audrey SimmonsGirls 15-182:12pm
Arabella HallGirls 15-182:12pm
Zoe WilliamsGirls 15-182:12pm
Jackie HendersonGirls 15-182:21pm
Claire ToddGirls 15-182:21pm
Tanier MasseyGirls 15-182:30pm
Mullin GillentineGirls 15-182:30pm
Morgan SimmonsGirls 15-182:30pm
Claire HollingsworthGirls 15-182:30pm
Jackson PetersBoys 14-152:39pm
Justin PowellBoys 14-152:39pm
Andersen HouseBoys 14-152:39pm
Cooper SolbergBoys 14-152:48pm
Ethan CrewsBoys 14-152:48pm
Brady RayBoys 14-152:48pm
Nathanael JosephBoys 14-152:57pm
William KnightonBoys 14-152:57pm
Sujay MukatiraBoys 14-152:57pm
Sarah HootenGirls 13-143:06pm
Mary Caroline WaggonerGirls 13-143:06pm
Isabella CurtisGirls 13-143:06pm
Zoey BlaszczykGirls 10-123:06pm
Cayden HarrisBoys 10-113:15pm
Mac WaggonerBoys 12-133:15pm
Drew MadiganBoys 12-133:15pm
Andrew KnightonBoys 12-133:24pm
John (Jack) BridgeBoys 12-133:24pm
Patrick GattiBoys 12-133:24pm

The tees of play for each age group can be found here.